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Cortona Tour: Day Trips From Cortona Italy

Cortona Tour

Cortona is one of the typical Tuscan hill towns. It is situated on a significant elevation and offers a magnificent tour of Lake Trasimeno and the Valdichiana Plain (Chiana Valley). It is an ancient walled town, insanely dense with history, and it also has a vibrant art scene, wine, and delicious food.

Cortona dates to the Etruscan era and has a lot to offer tourists, the city sprang to recognition internationally as the location for the film Under the Tuscan Sun.

Best Wine Tasting & Tour in Cortona

The crisp, refreshing white wines of Cortona, it is made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes, with a sense of minerality. The Syrah is Cortona’s top-notch wine. Cortona has ideal soil and environment due to that reason it discovered An international grape variety. Never miss the wine of Cortona when you are on a trip to Cortona. You can also look at our private wine tour Tuscany, covering all famous wine production locations and tasting the different flavors of wine.

Attractions for the Day Trips From Cortona Italy

1. Piazza della Repubblica

The 14th-century Palazzo del Pópolo and the towering Palazzo Comunale, which was constructed before 1241, lie above Piazza della Repbblica, which was formerly the Roman Forum, in the city’s historic center. With a long flight of steps and a battlemented clock tower, both features of 16th-century repairs, the façade of the palazzo is somewhat intimidating.

The area bustling with activity, including markets, festivals, street performers, and visitors perusing the local businesses. Look to the side streets branching off the piazza in Cortona tour for less crowded restaurants and shops. Day Trips From Cortona Italy is must try at least once when you are on your Italy tour.

2. Cortona’s Medieval Streets

The finest thing to do in Cortona Tours, a walled city, is to simply stroll down and down its charming medieval streets—the phrase “up and down” refers to the fact that some of them are uphill!

Cortona is not particularly hilly or physically difficult compared to other Tuscan cities, but you are on a hill and some of the streets have cobbles and uneven surfaces, so sturdy shoes are your friends here! Cortona is a tasty wine-producing small town you must try its local wine.

3. Museo dell’ Accademia Etrusca ( Archaeology Museum )

The Accadémia Etrusca museum, which displays Roman, Egyptian, and Etruscan artifacts, is in the Palazzo Pretorio. An Etruscan bronze lamp from the fifth century BC is the most valuable item. Two other rare Etruscan bronzes are a statue of a winged goddess from the seventh to sixth centuries BC and a statue of Jupiter unleashing a lightning bolt.

A remarkable painted wood funerary canoe from the 12th Dynasty, around 2000 BC, is on display at the museum’s Egyptian area beside six sarcophagi. Italian masterworks from the 13th through the 17th centuries are also represented, including coins, medals, pottery, and paintings. It is worth visiting and taking a tour of Cortona once in your lifetime.

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