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San Gimignano

San Gamigliano

One of Tuscany’s most recognizable and famous locations is San Gimignano. Everywhere in the world, there are those who daydream of visiting this historic hilltown in Tuscany since going there is like entering a world from the Middle Ages. San Gimignano, popularly known as the “Medieval Manhattan,” has been a World Heritage Site since 1990.

The city got its name from the astonishing number of towers that tower above the rooftops of the town: 65, to be exact, at the height of the city. Today, thirteen of these majestic towers are still standing, and they continue to contribute to the skyline’s undeniably distinctive design.

Attractions in San Gamigliano

1. Climb the Torre Grossa

The Torre Grossa climb is the essential must-do San Gimignano activity after you’ve arrived in medieval Manhattan. Today, you may ascend the world’s highest buildings, like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the One World Observatory in New York City, either climbing them or taking an elevator that takes you there. The pinnacle of a “skyscraper” from the 13th century can be reached in a relatively small number of locations.

The tallest of the remaining San Gimignano towers is Torre Grossa. It was built in 1298 and rises 54 meters (177 feet) above the Tuscan landscape. It is the sole publicly accessible Torri di San Gimignano. For views of the gorgeous landscape, don’t forget the climb to the top of Torre Grossa.

2. Drink Vernaccia di San Gimignano

A crisp white wine with aromas of citrus fruit, Vernaccia di San Gimignano. The ancient alleyways are dotted with enotecas, and you can even order a glass to go, which you can take to one of the many panorama views to savor while taking in the view of the Tuscan farm buildings made of stone and the rolling hills covered in greenery.

3.  Palazzo del Pópolo and Torre Grosso

The Palazzo del Pópolo, Santa Maria Assunta, was built in 1288 and expanded in 1323. Since its creation, it has served as the location of the municipal government. An early decree stated that no other structure may be higher than its tower, known as the Torre Grossa (Fat Tower), which is the tallest in town at 54 meters. Views of the town, the surrounding farmland, and the Apuan mountains are visible from the summit.

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