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Livorno Tour: Livorno Shore Excursions

Livorno Tour: Livorno Shore Excursions

Livorno, one of Tuscany’s major centers, is situated on the west coast of central Italy, just south located 20 kilometres from Pisa.

It is well-known for its vast, contemporary seaport, its defences from the Middle Ages, and as a place to find freshly caught seafood. In addition, Livorno has a gorgeous network of urban canals, cutting-edge and historical museums, and a buzzing nightlife. Many tourists use Livorno as a stopover on their way to more well-known locations when they arrive by cruise ship. However, we advise taking your time and enjoying Livorno’s charms rather than passing through it quickly.

Attractions in Livorno

Terrazza Mascagni

Without taking a stroll down this coastal terrace with its striking black-and-white chessboard-style pavement, no trip to Livorno is complete. Terrazza Ciano, named after the fascist movement’s leader in Livorno when it was first constructed in the 1920s, has since been replaced by Pietro Mascagni (1863–1945), an opera composer who was born in Livorno.

Giovanni Fattori” Civic Museum

The Civic Museum of Giovanni Fattori is a great way to see 19th and 20th century art by renowned Tuscan painters. It is also located in the wonderful Villa Mimbelli, an historical garden and villa worth checking out while you’re in Livorno.

Venezia Nuova (New Venice)

A network of artificial waterways linking the city and port. The canals, which run from the sea port past the forts and by churches, stores, are gorgeous today despite the fact that they were constructed for utilitarian purposes.

The finest way to experience Venezia Nuova is on a boat cruise through the canal. The Piazza della Republica, a large piazza that also acts as a bridge spanning the canal, is passed beneath during one section of the boat ride. Be sure to gaze up at the light coming through a set of elaborate grates as you travel through the tunnel beneath the piazza. Later, stand in the piazza and peer down through the grates at the boats passing below. A very clever design!

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